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Vopium -Free Call Could Save You Money On International Calls for iOS

Are you an iOS user looking to save money on international calls? Well, if you are, there’s an app for that. (Apple really wasn’t kidding when they came up with that slogan.) Vopium Free Call – Cheap International Calls! is an app that claims to be able to save users as much as 94% on […]

User Your iPhone to Track and Organize Finances with moneyStrands

New app moneyStrands by Strands, Inc. joins a growing number of financial management applications that inhabit the App Store. This trend represents the wider popularity of web-based budgeting tools that have replaced long-standing giants Quicken and Microsoft Money. The move by users to such free web-based apps and their iPhone counterparts has been so popular […]

Touch Karma

Touch Karma (Parenting), from Karma World LLC, is for moms and dads who like to keep a record of who has been naughty and who has been nice in the past year. With Touch Karma input the names of children, other family members and friends, along with a few “behavior benchmarks” and what comes out […]

Test Your Music Knowledge with Name That Jam! For All Your iOS Devices

I am always arguing about music with my wife. We argue about the name of a certain song, the artist, what year it came it. We argue over who was the better boy-band: ‘N Sync or the Backstreet Boys (I’m a Chris Kirkpatrick man myself). In short, we argue about anything that is even remotely […]

Stunt Car Racing Goes Off-Road Scrolling

Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE is indeed free, so it will seem uncharitable of me to advise you to save your money but that’s what I’m about to do, unfortunately. Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE, from the usually reliable Digital Chocolate, is an ordinary side-to-side scroller. The challenge is to navigate a four-wheel, […]