Stunt Car Racing Goes Off-Road Scrolling

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Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE is indeed free, so it will seem uncharitable of me to advise you to save your money but that’s what I’m about to do, unfortunately.

Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE, from the usually reliable Digital Chocolate, is an ordinary side-to-side scroller. The challenge is to navigate a four-wheel, off-road truck up and over jumps, dips, hills and other obstacles as smoothly as possible while also grabbing bonus items to use for power extras such as nitro boost.

Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE has 6 tracks, despite what you may think judging from its title. The premium version, which is priced at a mere $0.99 cent, has all 99 venues. Maybe this version should have been titled Stunt Car Racing 6 Tracks SIX CENTS.

Play against friends and go head-to-head in Hot Seat Mode. You can perform wheelies, flips and other tricks on your way to the finish line to pick up goodies. Collecting gold, silver and bronze coins (or maybe they’re medals) along the way helps maintain your health and speed you to the finish line.

All things considered, however, this game is nothing special. The graphics tend to be pretty rough and the four-wheeler’s physics are off. The controls to wheelie and dip the truck aren’t particularly responsive either.

Last March, I reviewed Monster Trucks Nitro, from RedLynx, which is conceptually similar. I did not effusively praise the game although I found enough about it to like. In comparison, Monster Trucks Nitro features better graphics, with more of a 3D feel, game play and challenges than Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE . Monster Trucks also features better controls using the accelerometer and physics. It’s on sale for $0.99 at the moment — it’s also been updated since I reviewed it — so this is a fair comparison, not only in price, but in depth.

Digital Chocolate has released a number of free titles so you can try before you buy: I’m a fan of the company’s and I’m looking forward to test piloting Mini Golf 99 Holes, Kamikaze Robots and other that are new to me.

Stunt Car Racing 99 costs nada to try. Download it and let me know what you think and whether the premium version is worth the money.

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