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Touch Karma (Parenting), from Karma World LLC, is for moms and dads who like to keep a record of who has been naughty and who has been nice in the past year.

With Touch Karma input the names of children, other family members and friends, along with a few “behavior benchmarks” and what comes out of Touch Karma could be either a hit list or a gift list, Actually, Touch Karma is three apps in one.: Karma for Kids, Karma for Friends and Piggy Bank.

Parents can use Karma for Kids to keep a record of each time the sweet little darlings make them laugh like lottery winners, whimpers like a lonely pup or growl like grizzlies.

Your tracking system consists of positive and negative karma points. When you add them all up, you’ll see to whom you’ll pay forward and to whom you’ll pay back.

Set up Touch Karma by entering names, titles and goals into the fields as indicated. For example, a child named Junior could be assigned the task of cleaning his room every Tuesday.

Then, adjust the Karma Meter, a sliding menu, to set the number of points—between 10 and 100–to reach the objective. On the Kids’ home screen, you’ll be able to see just how far along Junior is to acting like a good little boy. If Junior dyes the family’s dog Fido blue, you might want to give subtract a few karma points, for example.

Run the numbers and well-behaved children get prizes, poorly behaved children get paddled and the parents get jail time for assault.

The Piggy Bank mini app is intended to help parents encourage their kiddies to save their allowance, money for mowing lawns and so own. Coins are added and subtracted from the piggy bank depending on each child’s behavior. Karma for Friends is conceptually similar as Karma for Kids. What’s different here is that you can keep track of your positive and negative interactions with your friends. Tally the pluses and minuses and you can decide who are and who aren’t your BFFs.

I weighed the pluses and minuses of Touch Karma and concluded that it’s a toss up between utility and entertainment. It’s too much of a bother to seriously keep track of your meanies and goody-two-shoes.

On the other hand, it might be useful to motivate some children. My kids would have laughed at me if I had tried using Touch Karma, but yours might not. As for your friends, it’s not hard to recall who’s been naughty and nice to you without having to keep track in an app but what fun would that be?

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