Vopium -Free Call Could Save You Money On International Calls for iOS

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Are you an iOS user looking to save money on international calls? Well, if you are, there’s an app for that. (Apple really wasn’t kidding when they came up with that slogan.) Vopium Free Call – Cheap International Calls! is an app that claims to be able to save users as much as 94% on international calling bills.

Vopium is a free download on the app store for making cheap—and sometimes free—internationals calls. The app gives offers 5 free minutes so you can make a few sample calls before deciding whether to commit to buying a package of calling credits. Since some calls on Vopium cost money, you will need to have a supply of credits in order to make calls. Personally, I like pre-paid credits because I never have to worry about getting stuck with an expected phone bill at the end of the month.

The credits system is very transparent. Many of the calls on Vopium will be free if you are on WiFi and if the person you are calling also has the app. For calls that aren’t free, Vopium has a quick and easy-to-use chart that shows the price per minute of every country. There’s nothing secretive about the rates.

When calling a person that does not have the app, Vopium’s international call rates will apply—with claims of 50% to 94% savings depending on where you call. You can also send text messages and chat on an instant massager while using the app.

I made a couple of international calls with Vopium and did not experience any issues—the call quality seemed fine. But I didn’t upload money into the app for international calls, so I can’t comment on how that process went.

Vopium is an app where I would advise the user to do some more research just to confirm that the claims made by the app are true. International calls can be expensive so you don’t want to jump on the app without knowing exactly what you are getting into. Unfortunately, I do not make international calls so I was unable to dig deeper into the app. I did notice that the Vopium user reviews online were split down the middle with some people saying the app was great while others said it was expensive and a waste of time.

Overall Vopium has the potential to be a great way to save money on international calls, I would simply advise Appcraver readers to take advantage their “free 5 minutes” and check out rates for the countries they call most before purchasing credits in bulk.

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